June offers the best all around walleye fishing as the fish are very active, concentrated, and small fish food sources are at a low until this year's hatches grow to edible size.   Walleye limit catches have been common in the Rattlesnake Island - Niagara Reef - south tip of Sounth Bass Island triangle area.   This is the best drift fishing seasonal though trolling is almost always the most effective method.  Another hot spot can be the area south of South Bass Island to south of Kelleys Island.  Good to Great fishing should contiune through June and into July.  Check back here for information on the text message fishing report and other fishing news.

Welcome to the Lake Erie Mobile Fishing Report

The Lake Erie Mobile Fishing Report is a service provided to anyone wishing to receive daily Lake Erie fishing reports by text message, e-mail, or both.  The service is free but your individual cell phone carrier plan text message rates apply, just as with any text messages you send or receive. 

You can now get accurate first-hand fishing reports right off the water, automatically!

We hope to bring the mobile fishing report back in 2014.  If you are a previous or new subscriber you will have to subscribe again in 2014.  Check back here to see if and when the report will begin again.  Once the report starts you may subscribe.

The report information comes directly from an experienced Lake Erie Charter operation.  To receive the report, you must subscribe one time by texting, e-mailing (or both) into the service.  After you subscribe, the report will be sent to you automatically each time the report is issued, usually once per day after that day's fishing.  The goal is to provide the most accurate first-hand report available.

To subscribe, either text message or e-mail using the following procedure:

Text Message
Send a text message to fish@im4text.com, keyword walleye, like a regular text message, except you enter an e-mail address instead of a number.  No Internet, just a regular text message.  All mobile devices (phones & PDAs) can do this.  Typically it's a matter of changing the entry mode from numbers to letters and numbers. 

Send the keyword walleye to fish@IM4TEXT.com, just like any other e-mail. You may enter the keyword either in the subject line or in the e-mail body.  No other words are necessary.

You only need to do this once.  You'll receive an immediate text message or e-mail reply once you successfully send the subscribing text message or e-mail.

Once you text or e-mail in, you will get a daily fishing report sent to you via whichever method you subscribed.  You may subscribe both ways                 (text message and e-mail).

The fishing report text will appear differently on various phone screens.  The text lines may wrap differently, line spaces may vary, and you may have to scroll down to read the entire report.

Text messages have a limited length, so abbreviations may be used.  If needed, commas or periods may be left out, words combined and/or shortened, and fishing terms used for places, lures, and techniques.

To stop the reports, reply with the keyword end.walleye to fish@im4text.com.    You will immediately be removed from the subscription list, and will not receive any more reports.  You may re-subscribe at any time.

Frequently asked questions

Is the report really freeThere is no fee charged for the report, text message or e-mail.  Your usual cell phone company carrier plan text message fees apply if you subscribe by text message (whatever you pay for your text message service plan).

Can I get the report anytime by text messaging or e-mailing in?  No.  Once you've subscribed, texting or e-mailing the keyword 'walleye' to 'fish@im4text.com' will return the same introduction message you got when you subscribed.  The last report you received is the latest report.  Whenever significant changes occur, a new report will be sent.

Will the report function on all cell phones and with all cell phone company providers?  Yes.  As long as your cell phone is text message capable, you should be able to receive the report.  Some cell phones are easier to subscribe with than others.  If you are not familiar with how your phone sends text messages or how to send a text message to an e-mail address, check your cell phone manual to learn how. As long as you have cell phone coverage you should receive the report no matter which cell phone company is your provider.

What's in the report?  The most wanted fishing information requested by fisherman, where and how, is the basis of the report.  The most productive locations and fishing methods are mentioned first, then secondary information such as lake conditions and size of fish being caught.  The report will emphasize the most important information of that day, so if time of day was more important than fishing method, time of day will be mentioned first.  Since the report is text message based, it has limited space, so the report will be concise and brief. 

What makes this report different from others?  Besides being received automatically and conveniently to your cell phone or via e-mail, the Lake Erie Mobile Fishing Report comes directly from an experienced and successful charter boat captain.  The information is first-hand, fresh, and accurate.  The captain reports on his actual day's fishing, and what other experienced captains did that day.  You won't get more timely and accurate information anywhere.

Subscribers will not receive any separate unsolicited communications from third parties through the Lake Erie Mobile Fishing Report.  We do not sell or otherwise provide our subscriber list to anyone. 

At the end of each report the charter captain providing the report information or a business or other advertiser will be mentioned.  We may also, occasionally, send an additional message regarding an event, promotion, or product that is of majority interest to subscribers.  These help keep our subscribers informed on Lake Erie fishing related items and issues, and helps financially support the Lake Erie Mobile Fishing Report.  We appreciate our subscribers patronage of any sponsoring and partnering businesses.

Thank you for your interest and subscribing to The Lake Erie Mobile Fishing Report.

Questions or comments are encouraged and may be directed to:

Dave Cremer - Owner, Lake Erie Mobile Fishing Report  

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